Brede doo is a commercial company dedicated to the sale of products and services by means of specific offers and/or e-commerce transactions.
The sale of products and services (hereinafter referred to for ease of reference as "Products") provided for by Brede doo (hereinafter referred to as Brede) shall be governed by these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as General Terms and Conditions), drafted in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act of the Republic of Slovenia (ZVPot-UPB2) and with reference to legal persons and/or entrepreneurs referred to in the Code of Obligations of the Republic of Slovenia (OZ), on the basis of recommendations issued by the Chamber of Commerce and international rules and regulations covering electronic commerce.

The GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS govern also consumer rights and the commercial relationship between Brede and the Clients.


In order to make e-commerce purchases, a Client shall register in the database managed by Brede. During the registration visitors take up a user name by means of one of their emails and a password. The user name and the password define and link unequivocally the inserted data to the User. The confirmation of the registration shall be forwarded by Brede to the User by email. The User shall thus acquire right to make commercial transactions with Brede. Should the User, at any moment, change his email address, he shall send a request by email to the email address info@brededoo.com. The change of the email address shall be notified to the user via email.
During the usage of the Brede Services, the User shall keep secret his own account and his own password and he shall control access to his computer accepting, in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws, to be responsible for any activity made by the use of his account and his password. The User shall take every precaution to keep his password secured and secret. He shall also make certain that the supplied data is correct and complete and communicate any change of the supplied information without delay.
The User shall never use Brede Services: (i) in a way which could cause interruptions, damages or malfunctioning of Brede Services or their functionalities, or (ii) for fraudulent purposes or, in any case, to commit illicit activities, or (iii) to cause disturbance, prejudice or concern.
Brede shall reserve the right to prevent access to the website and/or Brede Services, to interrupt or close an account, remove or modify contents from the website at its own discretion, in case of violation of applicable legal provisions and of these General Terms and Conditions.


Product prices shall be subject to continuous amending and may vary without obligation of prior notice by Brede.
The correct, updated and applicable price shall be the one indicated in the offer or the one shown to the Online Customer in the order form.
Prices shall be exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise indicated.

Sales Agreement by and between Brede and the Client shall be entered into at the moment Brede confirms the receipt of the order. From this moment on the prices and other terms and conditions shall be fixed and bounding on both parties.


Brede shall be entitled to refuse any received order if the latter does not comply with the offer and the prices as indicated, and if these Terms and Conditions of Sale and/or terms and conditions of supply have been modified and/or not accepted without a written approval by Brede.


Brede's Product availability shall be indicated in the offer or in the online order form. Brede declines any responsibility for delays or failure to perform caused directly or indirectly, to it or to its suppliers, by events of Force Majeure. 
Events of Force Majeure shall include but not be limited to: strikes, natural disasters, fire, explosion, war, incidents, acts by government agencies, impossibility to obtain supplies and raw material, delays of transport, bankruptcy of suppliers, works disruption, court orders and other causes beyond the reasonable control of Brede.
In the event of Force Majeure Brede may interrupt deliveries or cancel an order without any indemnity and/or additional duties being due to the Customer.


 In case of claims or complaints concerning products or delivery or products, the Client may contact Brede within 5 days upon delivery or, in case of loss, within 5 days upon receipt of the invoice.

(in compliance with Article 43 quater of the Consumer Protection Act)

The Client (consumer) may exercise his right to terminate, free of any penalties, within 15 calendar days upon receipt of the products purchased from Brede.
Products to be returned shall be delivered to the courier not later than twenty (20) calendar days after receipt. Products may be returned by a courier indicated by Brede or by another shipping agent, subject to previous completing of the online Return Form (Modulo di reso) available at www.brededoo.com.
In order to exercise the right to terminate the following terms shall be met:
> The Return Form shall be duly completed and forwarded to Brede within 15 calendar days after receipt of products. Communication shall be forwarded by email or by mail within the same deadline, by registered letter with return receipt to the address:
Brede d.o.o., Obrtniška ulica 3 - 6240 Kozina - Slovenia
> Product shall not be used or damaged;
> Products shall be sent to Brede in a single shipment and adequately packaged. Any labels, numbers or data indicated on the products or on packaging shall not be covered, printed over, modified or cancelled.
Brede reserves the right to not accept products from a single order that are returned and sent at different times.
If the Client meets the required conditions, Brede shall refund (should payment have been made and received by Brede) the price of the purchased products net of shipment and packaging costs, to be calculated on the basis of the price list of the delivery service. The Client shall be contacted in the event that return cannot be accepted due to the non-conformance with the above mentioned requirements. In this case the Client may opt to receive back the purchased products at his own cost. Should he refuse such shipment, Brede reserves the right to retain the products and the corresponding purchase amount.
The right to terminate shall not apply to software audio and video support if the Customer has removed or tampered with the security label.


The Client (legal entity and/or an entrepreneur) shall not be entitled to exercise the right to terminate. However, the Client shall be entitled to send a written complaint to the email address info@brededoo.com, justifying the request. Every complaint shall be examined and evaluated individually teaking into consideration the specified reasons. Complaints shall be exercised during the guarantee period. Should Brede  decide that the right to terminate is justified, Brede shall give a possibility to the Client to either exercise the right of exchange (with another product of the same price) or to request refund of the price paid for the product, net of costs borne and/or to be borne by Brede


Further to the receipt and inspection of returned material and subject to adherence to the requirements, the Client shall receive a confirmation of acceptance of return. Regardless of the mode of payment (debit/credit card, bank transfer) used, refund shall be activated by Brede within thirty (30) calendar days upon receipt of the material and following verification that termination conforms with the above specified requirements. In order to guarantee a safe, correct and timely payment refund, it shall be made to the Client's bank account. Cash refund. shall not be allowed.

Interests on amounts to be refund shall not be paid


Guarantee terms and conditions are set out on the guarantee form (if available), in the Delivery Terms and Conditions and on the invoice. In order to be exercised, the guarantee shall be accompanied by the invoice.
Information on the guarantee may be attached to the product datasheet on the Brede website. Otherwise the product has no guarantee. With regard to products lacking guarantee, in the event of product non-conformity, the Client shall be entitled to challenge within 2 months upon discovery of the defect (Article 37 of the Consumer Protection Act) and identification of any deformity.


Any dispute arising from the General Terms and Conditions and associated product delivery agreements shall be referred the Court of Koper who shall have exclusive competence.
The present General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Slovenia.


Brede reserves the right to change the present General terms and Conditions of Sale of its own products.
Any oral agreement which is not in conformity with the General Terms and Conditions shall be considered null and void.


- Acceptance of the order and availability of supply shall be subject to the actual availability of material offered on the part of Brede d.o.o.
- Payment shall be in advance, concurrent to the dispatch of your formal order. 
- As a rule 15 (not more than 30) calendar days upon the execution of the payment of the value of the offered goods shall be provided for the delivery of the offered products 
- Invoicing shall take place at delivery.
- In relation to any other issues not expressly mentioned, the offer refers to the "General Terms and Conditions".
- The sale of products and services by Brede shall be governed exclusively by the Supply Terms and Conditions contained in this offer. 
- The signature affixed to this offer confirms the acceptance of the offer and any provisions contained therein. Any further and additional terms and conditions included in purchase orders or any other documents issued by one of parties and having effect on the offer and the product assistance referred to in this offer shall have no validity or and shall not be applicable unless confirmed by Brede d.o.o. 
- The prices and terms contained in the present offer shall not be subject to oral changes or any other agreements unless they are approved in writing by Brede. Brede shall not be responsible for any misprints.
- Unless otherwise indicated, the quoted prices shall be VAT exclusive and shall not include any transport costs and, where applicable, local or national import taxes. 
- Deliveries to be provided for by third companies shall be signed conditionally. 
- Delivery date shall indicate only a commitment by Brede to expend every favourable effort in order to complete the delivery within the given date. In no case shall Brede be responsible for a failure to comply with delivery dates.
- The acceptance of the present terms or (if applicable) the forwarding of the order to proceed, received by Brede after 2 p.m. (14:00), shall be managed the following working day. Complaints must be made within 5 calendar days upon receipt of the goods for evaluation.
- For terms and conditions, exercise and modality of the right of withdrawal and/or return, please refer to General Terms and Conditions of Sale published on the web site www.Brededoo.com.
- No return or exchange of optical lenses shall be provided for.
- All items for return are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
- This Offer shall remain valid for a period of 3 calendar days with effect from the date of issue of the Offer.